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A journey into the world of hospitality

   With a rich history and remarkable reputation, The Hotel Show gathers professionals from the hospitality industry worldwide every year to showcase the latest trends, technologies, and innovative solutions in the sector.

Where is it held?

   The event takes place in the vibrant city of Dubai, always known for its opulence and beauty, and transformed in recent years into a global hub for the hotel industry. In summary, The Hotel Show is organized with the aim of bringing to the forefront the most advanced products and services for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, and all types of businesses belonging to the HoReCa domain.

What does this event represent?

   Now in its tenth edition, The Hotel Show has become an iconic and unmatched platform for developing relationships and connecting business opportunities alongside people with common interests. With a steady growth in the number of participants, exhibitors, and visitors, the event has consolidated over time as a source of inspiration and an opportunity to discover the best practices and solutions for increasing efficiency and quality of services offered in hotels and other types of accommodation units.

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Why is it so well-known?

   The tenth edition promised to be the most spectacular so far, and its organizers have undoubtedly kept their word. Exhibitors from around the world presented the most innovative products and services for the HoReCa industry, ranging from minimalist and abstract furniture pieces to fitness equipment, the event exceeded all our expectations, also giving us the opportunity to learn about new advanced property management methods and cutting-edge technologies designed to improve and revolutionize the experience of any high-standard hotel guests.


Descoperiți tendințele și inovațiile în industria hotelieră la The Hotel Show Dubai – un eveniment de vârf pentru profesioniștii din domeniu, ce aduce împreună experți și soluții pentru succesul afacerilor HoReCa.

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   We felt honored to attend the tenth edition of The Hotel Show in Dubai, representing our interior design office among the hundreds of other guests and participants from around the world. Our experience was absolutely remarkable, and we are excited to share with you some memorable moments we experienced during our days spent there.

People's appreciation

   One of the most unique and beautiful experiences was the appreciation we received from visitors and industry experts. The positive feedback we received for our projects reaffirmed our commitment to excellence and motivated us to continue thriving and delivering the best possible services for our clients. It was a true confirmation of our work and the high standards we have set in our projects, standards that have played a crucial role in our journey so far.

arhAB studio la un eveniment HoReCa din dubai.

   We met new people

   Another opportunity offered by our participation at The Hotel Show was the chance to meet new people and form relationships with professionals in the hospitality industry. We enjoyed captivating conversations with fellow designers, hotel representatives, and project managers, who provided valuable perspectives on our work. It was an extraordinary networking experience, ultimately bringing us new collaboration opportunities, partnerships, and friends with whom we still keep in touch today. Overall, it was a valuable process and an exchange of ideas, leaving us with conclusions that allowed us to improve and adapt our services to meet each client’s requirements.

Contact with the highest standards

   Our participation in the event also gave us the opportunity to see the highest standards in the hotel industry. The exhibition put us in contact with the most important suppliers of luxury furniture, spa equipment, and advanced technologies for the hotel domain, allowing us to explore the latest trends and innovations in the industry at every stand.

arhAB studio la un targ de amenajare pentru hoteluri.

The Hotel Show Seminars

   In addition to the opportunity to connect with people and present our projects, we all had the privilege of attending various sessions and conferences addressing major topics of interest for the hospitality industry. We learned new things about innovation in interior design, hotel sustainability, new decorating trends, and many other ideas that will help us bring new things and a high level of quality to the services provided for a long time to come.


   In conclusion, if you are an interior designer working in the hospitality industry, attending The Hotel Show in Dubai is definitely a valuable experience. Here, you will have the opportunity to discover the latest trends and innovations in the field, connect with industry professionals, and explore the most advanced products and services available on the current market. However, nothing can replace the direct experience and in-person interaction with experts and industry leaders, as attending the event provides you with a broad perspective and unique learning and professional development opportunities. Ultimately, if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and connect with professionals in the field, The Hotel Show is certainly an event you should consider to enhance your expertise and expand your network.

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